An Old Dusty Blanket

When i first saw this quilt lying in a old dusty building with what seemed like it has some life still in it. I picked it up and brought it home.

i was originally going to just let my cat lay on it and have it be her little blanket. But the more i looked at it the more i wanted to fix it and make it pretty again. So…

The Beginning of this beautiful Quilt

I took each square apart it had been whipped stitch together . It was tattered and tore and falling apart.

It was tattered and torn

So i removed all of the squares that were soiled or torn.

It had been soiled

Each square has some fabric placed inside and i painstakingly took each one of them apart and dumped what was in it out.

It was stuffed with old rags and hose


Emptying out each square until all i was left with was this.


This is what is left out of that blanket that i started with.

So now is the fun part of making something out of it… i cant decide.

What do you think i should make?